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Data Analytics

Market Patterns, FinTech, Digital Marketings and Sports. You name the area, analytics conjoint with AI can play a significant role in delivering valuable insights. We specialize in working on Reporting, Predictions and Analytics.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML strategies are game changers if used correctly with correct solutions. We work on custom Algorithms as well as BOT Frameworks of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and more. Check out our Portfolio to find our work.

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An easily thrown around term today without complete understanding. Whether you are looking at standard blockchain with expensive keys or you are exploring for some lightweight alternates, you can try us.

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Research Projects

Algorithms, Flowcharts, Matlab Simulations, Mathworks Macros, FPGAs, studying papers, implementing their proposed solutions. These are just some of the many activities we do to support our Research Projects’ Clientele.

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A little bit about our Vision and Values
Our vision is to utilize our years of AI Research in developing better IT Solutions for your Business

AiCodec provides organizations the required IT essentials to keep them young in their thinking and do business with ease. We support organizations by first engaging them with our experts who explore how to leverage the prevailing cutting edge technologies to result in optimization of resources and savings.

WE stay committed to developing positive relationships with our customers, by acting as their team members.
WE believe in providing better products and solutions that enhance value for our customers.
WE respect teamwork and value intellectual proprietary of people across the borders.
WE love to contribute towards community and practice corporate social responsibility right from Day 1.
WE believe in the importance of punctuality in our deliverables and integrity in our pricing models.

  • for Highly Scalable & Secure Systems that require full-stack expertise with focus on UI, UX and the future...

  • for Chatbots, Prediction Systems, Social Marketing and other features involving real-time and intelligent automation...

  • for multi-tenant and re-usable products working on Subscriptions and Internationalizations...

  • for IoT, FPGA, Open Hardware & IC driven Intelligent Devices including packaging, case design and 3D printing support


We are growing across the Borders

Nir Segal

Founder & CEO
Nir is the CEO of the Company based out of Ontario, Canada. An Optomologies by profession and with a background in Tech areas Nir envisions a future world dominated by AI SAAS.

Ravi Teja

Founder & CTO
Primarily dwelling on the Technology-Business cross roads, Ravi Teja leads the Technology teams. His vision is to achieve a progress in AI where humans can be replaced by BOTs in every mundane activity possible.

Anthony De La Rosa

Account Manager
A dynamite by nature, Anthony believes in the Opportunity called AI. He believes every human problem starting from Medical aids to support systems during emergencies, AI can make all the difference in building a better world.
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